2” Foam Blinds Faux Wood


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Price include installation fee

Extra Charges:

2 Blinds on 1 head rail –Add: $20

3 Blinds on 1 head rail –Add: $30

Minimum With 9” -Add 20%

Privacy Add 10%

Faux Wood is a unique blend of resin and wood fused together to imitate the look and warmth of traditional wood blinds: • Ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. • Slats resist fading, warping and cracking, even in the most humid conditions. • 2″ Slat available in a wide assortment of colours, textures and prints. • Routless Privacy Feature is optional. Notched slats block out the light offering total privacy (Regular rout holes are standard). • Cord tilt is standard. All tassels on cords are wood and colour coordinated. • Trapezoid shaped bottom rail offers tight slat closure and sits cleanly on the window frame. • Specialty blinds and shapes are available. • Motorization option available. • Decorative moulded valance supplied with all blinds. • Low profile Headrail with crash proof cord lock. • Optional wide width solid and decorative cloth tapes are available in the latest colours and designs. • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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24''(61cm), 30''(76cm), 36''(91cm), 42'' (107cm), 48''(122cm), 54''(137cm), 60''(152cm), 66''(168cm), 72''(183cm), 78''(198cm), 84''(213cm), 90''(229cm)


36''(91cm), 42''(107cm), 48'' (122cm), 54''(137cm), 60''(152cm), 66''(168cm), 72''(183cm), 78'' (198cm), 84''(213cm), 90''(229cm), 96''(224cm), 102''(259cm), 108''(274cm)